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Legal Information

iStock_000018813609Small.jpg - largePlease read this page carefully.

Any information or articles and newsletters on this website are for general information purposes only and are not to be taken as specific professional, legal or financial advice particular to your circumstances.


Reid Consultants are highly qualified and professional and operate under an Australian Credit Licence No: 385874 as a credit assistance provider, however we are not licenced to provide financial product advice nor are we registered tax agents. We are licenced to provide assistance with SMSF borrowings and advice.


Any information provided or strategies described should be reviewed by appropriate licenced advisors.


Any information provided is covered by the Privacy Act 2002. You can access a copy of our Privacy Policy here.


In the event of a dispute, Reid Consultants is a member of CIO (Credit and Investment Ombudsman).


No liability will be accepted however it arises (including liability for negligence) for any loss resulting from the use or reliance upon any information gained from this website and/or reliance on its availability at any time.


Reid Consultants Pty Ltd, ABN 65 111 801 079


About Us

Reid Consultants Pty Ltd was established in 2003.  The principal is Greg Reid, an accounting professional who decided to move away from the commercial environment and established his own business, now based in Berwick, Victoria.


Greg is well qualified and experienced across a number of disciplines and is ideally positioned to help you navigate through the financial maze. We live what we do, we own multiple properties, our parents use senior equity loan products and our friends and family have used our services to create and build wealth and lifestyle.


Greg is married to Lydia who looks after the business’ administration and back-office.


Qualifications:GRPictureCMgr.jpg - small

          Master Business Administration (Financial Planning Major)

          Post Graduate Diploma of Accounting

          Bachelor of Commerce

          Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

          Diploma of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking)



          Institute of Chartered Accountants

          Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia

          Credit Ombudsman Services Ltd

          PLAN Australia

          Loans Actually



          SEQUAL Reverse Mortgage Consultant - 2006-0014

          Australian Credit Licence - 385874


Our Goal

Is simply to Help People through Finance. The areas we specialise in are those areas where people need better service, information and choice than they can get from the traditional or existing providers. We spend time and effort to help you achieve what you want. We want to become your trusted financial professional for the long term as you build wealth and lifestyle.


Most people know they need to do something more than just rely on superanuation to be able to provide a retirement lifestyle and to be able to have choice. The difficulty is knowing how to move forward, what steps to take, how to structure their finances, what properties to purchase, who to trust and how will they be able to fund it with their existing cash flow.


Our role is to guide you through the decisions you need to make, to provide education so you know what the choices are and what the risks you face by not making a decision or to mitigate risks of making a decision to improve your lifestyle. We offer a fixed fee for service to provide a strategy plan for you to move forward and take control of your financial future.


We have a number of strategic alliances with other professionals so if we cannot directly assist, we can offer a referral service to accountants, conveyancers, quantity surveyors, valuers and real estate agents that we have previously used. We have used these people and their services ourselves and can testify to the quality of service. These are the professionals that will assist you.


We don’t do everything, we don’t specialise in 15 different types of finance, we are not tied to any lender (the most business we have placed with any one lender is only 17%) we don’t sell financial products, we don’t sell property, we don’t have a vested interest in you purchasing a house and land package or off the plan, we do not advocate purchasing properties greater than median price, we do not suggest you buy student accommodation or serviced apartments, we do not receive commissions from professionals we refer to or from property you may purchase, we simply work for you to achieve your goals.


Residential property investing is to buy and hold property for the long term, an investment time frame of 10 years or more. Property does not constantly grow each year, it follows cycles of boom, downturn/stagnation and the upturn again. There are many different strategies that can and do work, it is finding the strategy for you to build your portfolio over time to achieve your goals. That is our role.